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since 1947

One Waverly Place
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Telephone: 973-377-2146

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Investment Gemstones

This threesome of UNHEATED Madagascar Sapphires are best-of-breed! 4.00 cts. – 4.50 cts. Pure, even blue hues with high intensity and max scintillation. These are “investment” type wearable/collectibles for generations to follow!


Joseph traveled to Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, Columbia and Brazil extensively back in the 80's and met many of the families that have dominated the world's rare gemstone business for over 100 years.

These close friendships allow him to simply pick up the phone, send a text or email to bring in the very best and unique gems in the world.  Whether it be a NATURAL UNTREATED VIVID COLORED DIAMOND or a COLORED GEMSTONE, the gems have GIA or AGS lab reports that eliminate the guesswork.

Fancy Natural Colored Diamonds possess unique characteristics...that other assets do not.  They are Tangible, Affordable, Portable,Durable and Concealable.  There is no maintenance.  There is not a shelf life.  They are as perfect as first polished which in some cases could be over 100 years.  They have an internationally established valuation and can be liquidated in many countries in many ways.

An interesting characteristic of fancy natural diamonds, is that they are resilient to much economic adversity.  In truth, there are few assets that have appreciated so much in the last score of years.

Perhaps the most splendid and unique characteristic however, is that these rarest of all things on earth can be adorned!  Worn and enjoyed as a finger ring, pendant or earrings for example.  This is truly an ENJOYED asset that appreciates while you and others appreciate its beauty on you.

Please contact Joseph Falco, Jr., GG (Certified Gemologist) and CGA (Certified Gemologist Appraiser) to discuss the acquisitions and use in a diversified portfolio or trust.