Rose City

Jewelers / Gemologists

Family owned
since 1947

One Waverly Place
Madison, NJ 07940

Telephone: 973-377-2146

Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Thursday -10am to 5:00pm

Friday - 10-4, Saturday 10-3

closed Sundays and Mondays


The secret behind Kabana’s ever-growing success stems from the union of two essential factors. The first one is Kabana’s design;  outstanding, innovative,contemporary and delightfully feminine. The second factor is its perfect, tried-and-tested, renowned craftsmanship, ultimately resulting in Kabana’s legendary quality and comfort.

Such is Kabana, who remained faithful to these highly demanding standards of excellence, ever since 1975 when Stavros Eleftheriou founded the company. At Kabana, countless attentions go into the smallest crafting details. Wearing a piece of Kabana jewelry is a whole experience, made both of visual pleasure and of comfort. Kabana is adamant: a piece is great, only when its beauty 100% matches its comfort and flawlessness. That is why the manufacturing process insures, through various tough fabrication specifics and quality controls, that, people are both proud and happy to own and wear a Kabana piece.

Inlay jewelry is a process as precise as it is intricate. Yet Kabana aims for that challenging difficulty, never forgetting that each crafted piece will eventually become a unique, significant piece of Jewelry. At Kabana, technical prowess means reaching even higher beauty and elegance. In the end, being so firm on quality and so forward-looking on craftsmanship will dramatically favor that what has to shine through: craftsmanship is in the extreme smoothness of the inlay, the wholeness of the piece and the extreme purity of its design. As Greek philosopher Aristotle (a precursor of Stavros) once said: “Quality is a habit, not an act”.