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When Philippe Charriol decided to make a lifestyle change at age 40, even he didn’t dream how far his vision would take him. This renaissance man joined Les Must de Cartier in 1973, and within a short time ascended to the position of President of the brand in the Asian and North American subsidies for 13 years.


What he sought to do was create a brand of his own, producing luxury products targeted to an audience much like himself--sophisticated, quality-conscious, sporty. Based on his appreciation of antiquity, Mr. Charriol developed first a line of watches, then jewelry, and eventually an entire product line inspired by the twisted cable designs of the ancient Celts, and named it CHARRIOL.

But rather than simply copying the ancient look, the designer gave the classic a modern twist. He replaced the precious metal with stainless steel cable, and enhanced the grey metal with the warmth of 18k yellow gold. As he explains it, “I work like an alchemist to create my special style.” The result is a sporty, wearable look that is equally appropriate for both men and women with any clothing style and for any wearing occasion.

The Charriol Brand

Once the product was established, distribution followed. Truly earning his reputation as an international visionary, Philippe Charriol established his first boutique in Hong Kong in 1989. “A major portion of the world’s wealth is concentrated in Asia,” he explains. “I have a very good understanding of that part of the world because I worked and lived there for more than 20 years.

Other boutiques followed with designs, product mix and advertising all overseen by Mr. Philippe Charriol. CHARRIOL “Corners” in upscale jewelry shops brought the brand to an increasing